Prime Minister of Pakistan visits Germany and hold fruitful talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel

“There is  a lot of interest of German businessmen to invest in energy sector in Pakistan  as the country is facing acute shortage of energy and the government is  aggressively pursuing the policy to attract foreign investors,” the prime  minister said.

Nawaz  said they held a productive meeting with special focus on bilateral relations.  He said both sides exchanged useful views on regional and global issues. He  said Germany occupies a special place in Pakistan’s foreign policy and both  Pakistan and Germany enjoy traditionally warm and friendly ties.

The prime  minister said leadership of both the countries is committed to further  consolidating these mutually beneficial ties. He said for several years now  Germany has been Pakistan’s fourth largest trading partner globally as well as  the largest in the European Union, further more “Pakistan offers the most  investors friendly climate when compared in the world today and the German  businesses can benefit from it by participating in multiple sectors of our  economy.

Nawaz  welcomed the decision of the German government for establishing an energy forum  in Lahore  and said: “Germany has played  an important role in development of Pakistan’s social sector,” he said, adding  that both the countries have also decided to continue their collaboration in  the field of higher education. Nawaz thanked Chancellor Merkel and the German  government for their consistent and sincere support to Pakistan. The prime  minister also invited the German chancellor to visit Pakistan.

German  Chancellor Angela Merkel said that both the sides held useful and productive  talks. She said they discussed bilateral regional and international issues  including Afghanistan. She said Germany wants to expand its mutual ties with  Pakistan.