Global Anti-corruption laws and their implications on companies and business associations


The proposed workshop is for about 2.5 hours. Potential topics covered would be as follows:



  *   International landscape of corruption and bribery


  *   Business situation of Pakistan, GSP Plus status and compliance


  *   Some international measures/ indices to map corruption like perception index


  *   Corporate corruption and types, typical signs of corporate corruption specially in business associations


  *   International and national cases related to corruption and enforcement


  *   Business cases for local firms


  *   What are most important anti-corruption laws internationally, difference between FCPA and UK bribery act


  *   7 key elements of corporate compliance and ethics- set by Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, USA to attract and sustain business


  *   Techniques to fight corruption





About the trainer:




Mr. Muhammad Talib Uz Zaman is a Global Risk Management and Corporate Compliance Team Lead at CIPE Pakistan. He is the only Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional by Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, USA in Pakistan. He recently graduated from Transparency International School on Integrity from Vilnius and has conducted number of training sessions in multi nationals and with business associations.




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