Landmarks of Pakistan, Drawings by Ms. Ute Elpers – Book Launch

A book launch was hosted by Mr. Pervaiz Akhtar, President of the German-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry with support from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to celebrate the publication of a book on the drawings by the German artist Ute Elpers, entitled “Landmarks of Pakistan” on 17th August 2023 at the Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad.

The Chief Guest at the event was H.E. Mr. Alfred Grannas, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Guest of Honour was Ambassador Shahid Kamal, Former Ambassador of Pakistan to Germany, who initiated and pioneered the compilation of the book.

Ute Elpers (1935-2019) was a highly gifted artist trained as a porcelain and ceramic painter who worked as a technical drawer in road and bridge construction. She also learned the art of using special ink pens.

In 2003 Ute became member of the Humanity Care Foundation based in Muenster, Germany. She was encouraged by Col (R) Folker Flasse, President of Humanity Care Foundation, a charitable organization registered in Germany and Pakistan, to support its humanitarian work in Pakistan.

In 2005 Ute started pen and ink drawings of historic buildings, monuments, mausoleums, shrines and landscapes. She portrayed through her pen and ink drawings the rich and diverse architectural and cultural heritage of Pakistan.

The book “Landmarks of Pakistan” is dedicated to the memory of Ute Elpers, an artist with a humanistic spirit who helped those affected by natural disasters in Pakistan. Ute donated proceeds from the sale of her artwork to the Humanity Care Foundation to help people’s suffering in the aftermath of the earthquake and floods that hit Pakistan in 2005 and 2010.

Ute gifted 21 of her beautiful filigree ink drawings of landmarks of Pakistan to the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA). Her drawings are a testament of her love for Pakistan. Her endearment towards Pakistan is reflected in a poem she wrote in 2013 title” My Pakistan”.

To showcase Ute Elper’s beautiful artwork Shahid Kamal, former Ambassador to Germany, Folker Flasee and Professor Farrah Mahmood researched and compiled her drawings on landmarks of Pakistan in the form of a coffee table book. The book is a bilingual edition in both English and German.

Speaking at the occasion Ambassador of Germany H.E. Alfred Grannas admired the efforts of those involved in the successful compilation and printing of the coffee table book on the drawings of Ute Elpers. He was pleased to see the exhibition of Ute Elpers beautiful drawings displayed at Pakistan National Council of Arts.

Former Ambassador to Germany Mr. Shahid Kamal recalled how the idea of the book was conceived and his inspiration for publishing the book. He paid tribute to Col. Folker Flasse, who passed away in February 2023, for his enormous contribution in mobilizing humanitarian assistance for the needy people in Pakistan in his capacity as President of Humanity Care Foundation. He praised artist Ute Elpers, who passed away in 2019, for showcasing landmarks of Pakistan through her beautiful drawings and for her deep attachment to Pakistan. He thanked Professor Farrah Mahmood for her valuable contribution in the preparation, Mr. Pervaiz Akhtar, President of German-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and members of the German-Pakistan business community for the gracious sponsorship for the publication of the book and Topical Printers for their excellent work in printing of the book.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Pervaiz Akhtar, President of German-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) thanked members of the German- Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and business entities with links to Germany for their gracious support in sponsoring the publication of the book. He said Ute Elpers art work helped to raise funds for Humanity Care Foundation in Germany, an organization committed to humanitarian efforts in Pakistan, to help people affected by natural disasters.

Talking about Ute’s artwork, Professor Farrah Mahmood (Artist) said the intricate drawings directly using pen and ink technique are amazing. Ute never visited Pakistan in person but used photos, post cards, calendars, and brochures as models to make pen and ink drawings. She captured the beautiful details of Uch Shareef, Harrapa civilization, old mosque and Islamia College building.

The event was attended by a wide cross section of the people including Heads of Diplomatic Missions, government officials, academics, business community, artists, and the media.