Management Team GPCCI

The Secretary-General Mr. Danesh Dinshaw brings to us a dearth of experience and knowledge in various areas, he has been an executive with the House of Habib central office for more than a decade and has served as a director on the board of the groups public and private companies, he is a corporate banker with additional specialist knowledge in Anti Money Laundering & Combatting the Financing of Terrorism; he has worked with Oracle & is also a trained Oracle DBA and IT conversant; he has extensive experience & knowledge in container terminal operation, cargo handling, & logistics spanning over 25 years.

He was the Group Finance Coordinator for the ‘House of Habib’ for 12 years. During his tenure, he was a member of the board of directors of ‘Agri auto Industries Limited’ & ‘Makro Habib Pakistan Limited’, director & CEO of Guardian Private Limited. He also was the Secretary of the premier philanthropic trust of the House of Habib, the ‘Mohamed Ali Habib Welfare Trust’. He was also a member of the management committee of ‘Habib Sugarcane Farms’, overseeing /controlling its finance and company secretary of Indus Lands Private Limited the farmlands holding company.

Mr. Dinshaw began his banking career with ‘Habib Bank AG Zurich’ wherein he gained experience and training in general banking, trade finance and corporate banking. His last assignment was as the Compliance Officer for Pakistan Operations, responsible to implement and oversee in Pakistan, anti-money laundering (AML), combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) systems and practices, in full compliance with the Swiss Federal Banking Commission’s requirements.

He has worked with Jaffer Business Systems & Oracle on a proposed academic initiative for Oracle, to set up an institute that would provide training under an Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions education program. He has over 20 years of experience in the management and running of his century-old family business of cargo handling, stevedoring, container terminal operations and logistics, wherein he gained a mine of knowledge in these fields, with the added experience of handling the finance and IT functions of the company.

He is an elite oarsman and a past Captain of the Boats at the Karachi Boat Club and served as a member of the managing committee for 9 consecutive years. Rowing is a skilled sport that ingrains teamwork and its importance in each every oarsman, which ethos is reflected in Mr. Danesh’s professional life.

We are certain his wealth of diverse knowledge and work experience will prove an invaluable asset to our organization.