Textile, Leather and Garments Meeting - by Industry Expert Group Chairman, Mr Ayaz Thaver

GPCCI invites their members and friends for the Textile, Leather and Garments meeting organized by Industry Expert Group Chairman, Mr. Ayaz Thaver.

Mr. Thaver shared the purpose of the meeting as follows:

1. To increase interaction, get to know each other and from a strong group of textile industry Pakistan
2. To take part in Trade fairs and exhibition to gain exposure about tha Pakistani textile industry. 
3. To form trade delegation for Pakistani exporters to Germany.

40 businessmen from the textile industry of Pakistan attended the meeting where they discussed ideas on how to increase textile exports to Germany.

GPCCI team would like to thank our members and friends for joining us to make the discussion more insightful. We look forward to your continous support to increase textile, leather and garments exports to Germany.

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