Market Research

GPCCI offers various services in the fields Market Research

Market research is the essential component before conducting business anywhere in the world. Without good market research neither a business nor even a minor investment could be fruitful. Our market research gives insight of the market and enables you to take a wise decision before initiating business.

As part of the market analysis, we address the following issues: General industry situation, market participants, product characteristics, sales volume, prices, distribution channels, market forecasts and any individual question.

Business Services

Any business cannot be established without compliance with certain regulations. Our assistance will help you to understand fully the local business laws and policies so that you are able to conduct business legitimately. Our services include:

GPCCI assist you regarding the legal, customs and taxation issues

  • Customs Information

Profound basic information regarding customs laws and regulations in Pakistan is applicable to the specific case presented to us.

  • Tax Information

Profound basic information regarding the Pakistani taxation laws and regulations applicable to the specific case presented to us.

  • Corporate establishment

A full range of consulting and service on the establishment, changing, or closing of foreign-owned enterprises, joint ventures, and representative offices.

  • Contract Consulting

Legal review, drafting, and translation of business contracts and other legal documents which are necessary for operating in the Pakistani market

  • Mediation

We mediate in cases of commercial disputes between you and your local business partner. Our objective is to solve disputes without affecting the long-term business relation.

  • Company Validation & Business Check

Basic Due diligence services on checking the existence and status of potential Pakistani partners.

  • Business partner search

You are searching for sales partners, cooperation partners, or end customers? We provide you with an individual business partner search in order to find the most suitable business partners based on your specific criteria in Germany. Our service comprises four different modules building upon each other but can be selected based on your needs.

  • Intellectual Property Management Consulting

Tailor-made advice on the management of Intellectual Property in Pakistan, especially for SMEs on your needs.

  • Invest in Germany

Service for Pakistan investors on company establishment in Germany

Trade Fairs

Participation in trade fairs means promoting your exports globally, launching your products into new markets and introducing them to a large number of buyers. Trade fairs are also an excellent platform to test the market for your products.

Germany is one of the leading countries in the trade fair business. Names like ANUGA, HEIMTEXTIL, BAUMA, CeBIT, EXPO REAL, HANNOVER MESSE and INNOTRANS are known worldwide and have attracted thousands of international visitors and exhibitors.

We, (GPCCI) are committed to enhance the bilateral relationship between Germany and Pakistan. We are a total service provider when it comes to participate in trade fairs, congresses, symposia, etc.. Our aim is to provide our members with all services before, during and after the event at a high quality and competitive cost.


In order to achieve this objective for you, GPCCI works with partners in Germany and Pakistan. These partners are experts in the field of logistics, accommodation, traveling, stand design and construction. Our partners include trade fair organizers so that providing space at the right location forms part of our service.


The combination of the expertise of GPCCI with the abilities of our global partners and the network of local service providers offers a win-win situation for our members.

Trade fairs in Germany:

AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, represents the interests of exhibitors, organisers and visitors to trade fairs. This is where you can find out about the products and services at trade fairs in Germany and abroad, tips to assist with your trade fair preparations and useful information on the industry.

Trade Shows in Germany

Trade fairs in Pakistan:
Trade Shows in Pakistan

Business Delegation

GPCCI forms delegations in different sectors (in and outbound). Being part of a business delegation is the way not only to introduce your company to possible business partners but also to give an orientation about the partner\’s country, helps to build relationships with the local and related stake holders for smooth business startup. We form private and private to Government level business delegations supported by the both Governments for maximizing the business opportunities and enhancing level of confidence of the delegates.

Our services include:

  • Plan and organize program and travel arrangement
  • Hotel reservations and transfers (flight, bus, etc.)
  • Providing interpreters and support staff
  • Briefing on local and overseas market entry strategies, business culture, etiquette
  • Matchmaking events, seminars, round tables
  • Corporate promotion and networking events
  • Factory and on-site visits
  • Design and printing of business cards, brochures and advertising material
  • Plan and organise post business and social programs
  • Event evaluation and follow-up
  • PR coverage in our publications and other medias


If you wish to promote your products and services whether in Germany or in Pakistan, GPCCI offers effective communication and marketing tools to address the audience and target clients.

Having a well oiled and established organisation are ingredients of just one side of the equation for success, getting your message to the right audience is the other. At the GPCCI several media vehicles are available for you to communicate with your current and potential clients.

Our Marketing Services comprise the following:

  • Design Services

We realise effective promotion and brand communication of your organisation

  • Advertisement

You can consult GPCCI for media channels for you to advertise

  • Events & Seminars

We organise corporate events from a workshop to a product launch

  • Exhibition and Sponsorship

You will find a range of events of GPCCI that provide great promotion opportunities.